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‘Melania Knows’ Banner Isn’t a Sky-Worthy Trump Insult

“What, exactly, do I know?!” Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

Someone in Iowa is certainly committed to the idea of trolling Donald Trump from the sky. That’s about the only good thing you can say about recent efforts to take the GOP front-runner down a peg by flying Melania-related messages over his campaign events.

Presumably arranging the banner, hooking it up to a plane, and hiring someone to fly it takes some effort. But whoever’s behind this stunt should have spent some more time workshopping the content. Ahead of a Trump rally in Waterloo, Iowa, on Tuesday afternoon multiple reporters spotted a plane flying a banner that read “MELANIA KNOWS.”

What does this mean? No one can say!

Several outlets ran headlines saying Trump was “trolled” by the banner. But is that what’s going on here? Even the Lincoln Project, a group that’s well-versed in Trump insults, did not understand what the line is referring to.

In September, a banner featuring the message “Where’s Melania” was flown over a college football game Trump attended. While pointing out that Trump’s wife doesn’t like campaigning with him is a pretty low-energy attack, at least it made sense. “MELANIA KNOWS,” on the other hand, could mean anything. “Melania knows” her husband is cheating on her? “Melania knows” the real reason Ivana was buried at Bedminster? “Melania knows” what Donald did last summer?

We need more information here. Taylor Swift dropping cryptic messages and Easter eggs is harmless fun. But Trump is running for president, not preparing to drop Reputation (Donald’s Version). The caucus is less than a month away and Iowans don’t have time to keep scouring the skies for clues.

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‘Melania Knows’ Banner Isn’t a Sky-Worthy Trump Insult